Jacques Morrell (Author)

Porchester Press is pleased to be supporting Jacques Morrell in publishing and marketing of his work.

Following his retirement in 2015, former Nottingham Detective, Jacques Morrell has published his first novel, ‘The Showman’. A suspense thriller that is set (predominantly) in Nottingham during two weeks in 1978.

Having spent much of his police career investigating serious crime and presenting case files. These had to be written within the constraints of court files and procedures. It is understandable that Jacques has said,

My urge to write was suppressed for thirty years when I turned to crime, fighting it. I now feel liberated and free to let my writing go wherever it takes me.’


‘The Showman’ is the story of Michael Buch and his search for answers. Why was he taken as a baby from England to Chicago? Prior to his mother’s death she told him that his real mother had died in fairground accident and his father wanted nothing to do with him. Michael travels to England with his wife and teenage children, then some strange events start to take place, with people dying in bizarre circumstances.

In Nottingham, as Michael tries to trace his family, the deaths continue. Meanwhile his children experience the edgy youth culture of the time. The punk rock scene has arrived in Nottingham and The Sandpiper Club is the place to go. Virgin Records in Nottingham had recently been prosecuted in a high profile test case relating to the display of the album Never Mind the Bollocks. Nottingham Forest are League Champions and the team everyone wants to beat. Michael struggles to find the answers.  Are secrets being kept from him? Is his family under threat? Why are others getting caught up in it?

With the death toll rising, Michael’s protection becomes a race against time.

The Showman was launched at an event at the Nottingham Writers Studio on Thursday 20th July 2017.


Jacques Morrell at Nottingham Castle