Patrick Tobin (Author)

Porchester Press is pleased to be working with Patrick Tobin. His highly personal memoirs will be published later this year.

A brutally honest account of the human condition. #Schizophrenia #TheMadOnes

The truth is always very expensive, but it looks good and lasts a very long time.

Patrick Tobin 2019

Consider this.

I have never been one for always holding on and looking back, but at the start, my life was set on a path. Having crawled and then walked on it, I found myself running as fast as I could, and straight into the arms of my monsters. To the side I could see the glimpses of reality just sufficiently enough to keep me running continuously past what was just a hair’s breadth from my grasp. Just being there, that’s all it is, just being somebody. That’s what I believed it would take for me to transcend myself from the path I was on. 
By the age of twenty I was trying to find the inspiration to write a few good songs and to break into the music industry. This had been a dream of mine since picking up a guitar for the first time. I was inspired by the likes of The Jam, The Clash, The Ramones and other contemporary bands that I listened to in my early teens towards the end of the 1970s. I saw it as a way of escaping from my environment and bringing my father back from his exile in London. To be reunited with my family in the way I always wanted. For us all to be together again.
Somehow I saw it as my responsibility to do this for us all. Why? I can’t really say, I just did.