Pedro Perez Artist

Porchester Press is pleased to be working with abstract artist Pedro Perez.

Alan Dawson (Porchester Press) with Pedro Perez











Pedro Perez is a creative who can draw on a wealth of experiences and ideas to inspire him. Born to Spanish and Swiss parents who settled in Nottingham.  Pedro’s father studied philosophy and art in Madrid and was a bright ‘free thinker’. Pedro’s childhood involved travelling and immersing himself in the art-world of his father, meeting his network of artists around Europe. These connections included Goya and Manuel Ortega in Spain, and locally renowned artists such as Paul Gidley and Maggie Campbell. He produces individual pieces of abstract art where colour, pattern and textures are created using acrylics and oils. Pedro will improvise with anything that creates the desired effect.

See our products section for availability of his work. Ranging from an original piece of work to a high quality print.

Examples of work from 2015