The Showman (paperback only)


Sometimes the simple truth is not enough.

It is October 1978 and Michael needs answers.

Why was he taken as a baby from England to Chicago?

Michael always felt he was an outsider. He had assumed his parents were Kurt and Rosie. Rosie was from an English fairground family, but prior to her death she told Michael about his adoption, that his mother died in an accident and his father wanted nothing to do with him.

Michael has questions that can only be answered in England. He travels there with his wife and teenage children, Sonia a confident and adventurous free spirit, and Davy a promising sportsman who thinks about two things, ice hockey and girls.

In London, they visit the city as tourists, oblivious to some strange events that occur, people dying in bizarre circumstances.

In Nottingham, as Michael tries to trace his family, the deaths continue. Meanwhile his children experience the edgy youth culture of the time.

Are secrets being kept from Michael? If so, why? Is the family under threat? If so, from who, and why are others getting caught up in it?

With the death toll rising, Michael’s protection becomes a race against time and the police do not seem interested.  Who will take responsibility?

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