Review of The Accidental Gangster by D Keogh

I picked up a copy of this book from someone loosely connected to the author. I was intrigued by its bold claim to be based on organised crime in 1960s Birmingham, and specifically the Fewtrell family who went from market traders to running nightclubs.

Readable? Yes Enjoyable? Yes, although my copy needed proof reading to the point that some people would be put off by the errors in the text.

The cover claims it to be a ‘little known but true story’ and the author’s note contradicts this by claiming it is a fictional story and purely for entertainment. Let’s hope so. Covering up several murders with police collusion is not something to brag about.

The plot lines are at times implausible and the error strewn text does has a habit of distracting the reader from the narrative, but otherwise a pleasant read.

Where the truth lies is uncertain, but the fact that there is some truth in the book, it has an obvious appeal.

I did note that the price quoted for paperback and kindle version were both quite high at £9.99 and 4.99 respectfully.


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