Reviews of The Showman have been positive.

We are please to say that since the release of the print version, The Showman is getting some good reviews.

“From Chicago to London, then on to Nottingham, England, with connections to Sheffield and Italy, and finally a water-filled quarry in Leicestershire, the story of Michael Buch’s quest to find the truth gathers pace nicely, with bodies piling up discreetly all the time. The dialogue is sharp, well-written and convincing, with the characters more than believable. There are lots of colloquial references to Nottingham and the police procedures are closely observed, even the dreaded Complaints & Discipline Department getting a mention. There are frequent references to the music of the era which adds warmth and charm to the story. A great debut novel. Recommended.”

“Really enjoyed this book. I loved the way the writer gave the story a slow burn pace until the final chapter when it accelerates, hurtling you along to an unexpected conclusion. As a debut novel it is outstanding full of believable characters. Thoroughly recommend it.”

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